If you’re game to help with the organization of the Colorado Biathlon Club 2023-2024 events as a race volunteer, and would like more guidance on the process and duties, this message is for you. The goal is to continue building the pool of people comfortable with any and all aspects of biathlon race organization, and to also provide some basic USBA/IBU officiating education for those who are interested. Last year they hosted a couple of online sessions to review their event to-do lists, and an on-site walk-through at the SMR range. They’d like to start this season’s volunteer training with another online session or two if people find those useful, and they will try to provide more mentoring opportunities as well as a better library of reference materials. If any of this is appealing to you, please respond to Julia at [email protected] and she’ll set up a “volunteers/officials” mailing list to keep everyone in the loop.

Their summer race on September 30 will provide a convenient opportunity to get started on the hands-on aspect of our volunteer training, hopefully with warmer weather than our usual winter environment. If you can take advantage of this stellar opportunity for real-world experience, please let Julia know that you’re available on September 30 and indicate whether you have a preference for any particular role(s).  Brent Skoryi will be the Competition Chief for the summer race on 9/30, and “shadowing” him is an option if you’d like to learn more about the big picture of CBC event coordination.

If you’re a new recruit to biathlon and don’t have much race experience yet, note that volunteering is a great way to learn more about the sport and how our events unfold!  Consider volunteering at an event or two to get a feel for the logistics.

Again, respond to Julia directly with your interest (and possible availability for September 30): [email protected]