Backcountry XC Skiing

Ungroomed Trails for Light Touring:

Bonfils Stanton – Across Highway 40 from the WP Resort Main entrance – a handicapped accessible loop that is usually well-packed by skiers and snowshoers. More adventurous travelers can access Jim Creek by continuing across the Water Board road.

Idlewild Trails – can be accessed from the Rendezvous development or by passing by the bottom lift tower of the old Idlewild ski area behind Hideaway Park in Winter Park. These trails are generally more difficult for skiers, as there is no grooming and there are some hills to negotiate.

The Fraser Experimental Forest can be accessed by taking County Rd 73 from Fraser and following it to the end of Winter Plowing. There are parking lots on both sides of the road. The West side of the road, including the road into the St Louis creek region is non-motorized, except by Experimental Forest personnel checking weather stations and research plots, so it gets machine packed weekly. Trails on the East side of the road are open to snowmobile traffic as well (except for the Fools Creek trail to Mt Nystrom), but do make for good light touring.

Backcountry XC Ski Trail Reports

Check the BC XC Report to get up-to-date trail reports from our local backcountry enthusiast Jeff Russell.