The second grassroots race of the season is coming up on August 20 with
a running mass start event.  Choose from 5k and 10k course options and
get ready for some head-to-head competition!  Like our previous
grassroots race you’ll need your own .22 rifle and biathlon legal
ammunition, Red Book, and USBA membership (or 1-day membership) in order
to compete and please be ready with a stopwatch to time yourself.  These
small adjustments greatly reduce our need for volunteers and are what
make these mid-summer races possible.

Bib pickup starts at 9:00 on race morning; zero begins at 9:30 and we’ll
wrap up as quickly as the group size permits before starting the first
race group.  After the final competitor has crossed the finish line and
caught his or her breath we’ll hold another knock ’em down competition
for a CBC shot glass*.  Since the last contest was standing shooting
let’s go with prone this time – one magazine and 6 relay rounds to be
the first to hit all of your targets and claim victory.

Registration opens on the 4th at 5PM and will close on the 18th (also at


*must be 21 or older to claim prize