Our thriving race scene at Snow Mountain Ranch depends on a pool of willing and able volunteers to actually run the races. The pool has typically been on the shallow side, and if you’ve hesitated to jump in because you’re not sure you have enough biathlon knowledge, well, hesitate no more. I would like to offer a training session or two to cover the basics of running our CBC events. If there’s interest in achieving certification as a USBA official, I should be able to make that happen, but my main priority is to ensure that people have the knowledge they need to feel confident working at our events. Ideally we want multiple more confident people before we burn out the current crop of volunteer regulars and our race schedule sputters to a halt.

I expect the proposed training would be at least a three or four hour classroom session, depending on who’s interested and previous experience. It might be a longer session, or involve some range time, depending on attendee interests and goals (e.g. USBA official certification might require additional content). Feel free to attend even if you’re not sure you’ll ever volunteer at SMR — extra biathlon knowledge never hurts, whether you’re a competitor, parent of a competitor (or two), or just a fan. An online session is a possibility if the interested parties are spread out geographically.

Please contact me directly ([email protected]) if you’re interested in participating in some volunteer training. I would like host the session(s) in October. Once I have an idea of who might attend, we can try to settle on dates and times.

In addition to this CBC training opportunity, note that Soldier Hollow will also be hosting a Level 1/2 officials training clinic on October 13 and 14, in conjunction with the fall Schutzenski event: https://utaholympiclegacy.org/event/bia-officials-clinic/