The Grand Nordic Swap and Expo on the 21 October at Snow Mtn Ranch was a huge success!  People saw the new Campers Hub building for the first time – it is a wonderful asset to the YMCA.  All gently used and donated gear was marked for $5-10-15 or seller marked prices and over 80pct was sold!  Our knowledgeable advisors were busy all day…The vendors from the different companies were also quite successful and the Snow Mtn Ranch Nordic Shop was non-stop.

Now that our Nordic followers are thinking snow with a big storm in the forecast this weekend, it’s also time to think courtesy and etiquette.  FIS (the International Federation of Skiing) recently released their Cross Country Code of Conduct officially adding to the rulebook “Cross Country skiers meeting while skiing in opposite directions shall keep to the right. Climbing skiers should give way to descending skiers.”  I WOULD ADD – Experienced skiers should allow courtesy space to less accomplished skiers and kids as they can more quickly and easily. 

 Snowshoers, walkers, and Skaters should avoid obliterating tracks set for Classic skiers.  We can all exist in the same groomed path.  Fat tire bikes should remain in tracks set for bikes, especially in soft snow or when their tires are not inflated properly.  If you are leaving a track, please turn back!  Local Nordic Centers, ranches, towns and wonderful organizations like Headwaters Trails Alliance maintain groomed trails and need all the help they can get to keep those trails in good shape for us all to use.  Grand County has more kilometers of trails available more days in a year than anywhere else in the County.

 Enjoy with your entire family.  Carry appropriate snacks and water and have fun!  Be aware – there are critters out there! Let someone know where you are going if you are headed to the backcountry and carry the ten essentials. The key is BE PREPARED.  Those who live here or recreate regularly in Grand County know that weather and conditions can change rapidly.

 Grand Nordic has Nordic skiing programs in most preschools and elementary schools and Nordic teams are supported in both Middle School and High School in East Grand County as well as free kids programs.  Grand Nordic wants all our kids to be able to grow up enjoying and comfortable in our beautiful world.  All local schools depend on volunteers for their programs so ask at your local school if you can help out.  Grand Nordic even offers several free lessons each year to everyone.

 Some people prefer not to share their slice of heaven with others and post no trespassing signs in an attempt to keep prospective vandals out. Those who ignore these signs create future problems for those trying to keep trails and accessibility open for the rest of us.  Those who vandalize ruin it for all of us. Please take your ill intentions elsewhere and leave our natural beauty for all to see.

 Lastly, people need to control their dogs, both verbally and/or on leash, and clean up after their pets and themselves, carrying out bagged waste or removing it far from traffic areas.  Be courteous to your fellow skiers – almost any day outside is a wonderful day and we are so lucky to live here!  If you are a visitor, please treat our home with respect, how you would like your home to be treated. 


Contact Diana Lynn Rau, president Grand Nordic at [email protected] with questions or call 970-887-0547.  Visit for more information on our many programs.