The biathlon range at Snow Mountain Ranch is now available for summer training use. As has been the case for the last several years, access to the range is via Just Ranch – the Nordic Center/CCO parking area is off limits. See the maps below for parking and route info:

* You must be a current member of both CBC and USBA, and have a USBA Red Book to use the range
* You must have a Snow Mountain Ranch day pass or membership to use the range
* .22LR standard velocity ammo only (email me if you are unsure of your ammo)
* Biathlon-legal rifles only (no semi-autos, 10 round mags, etc.)

Sign in/out on the clipboard in the range hut, pick up your brass, and generally leave the range and hut more cleaned up than it was when you got there. To avoid critters and non-commissioned spray paint art, there will be no trash bin at the range and you’ll need to bring your own paint to touch-up the targets when you are done. Please use a good quality flat finish white (or black) enamel paint. Cheap paint doesn’t work well and makes a mess of things; Rust-Oleum and Ace Premium flat enamel are good choices.

As of last weekend, things were fairly well dried up, but still a bit soggy at the top of Biathlon/Davis and along the targets. As always, if the firing line is muddy post-rain, find another activity.