Are you interested in becoming a Guide for the Ski for Light International Event which will be held at Snow Mountain Ranch Jan 29-Feb 5 2023.

Ski for Light, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit, organization founded in 1975. The mission of Ski for Light is to teach visually- and mobility-impaired adults the sport of classic cross-country skiing, to give participants who have already mastered the basics the chance to improve their skills and endurance, and to enable participants to just have fun on the snow.

The SFL program pairs one Visually-Impaired Participant (VIP) or Mobility-Imparied Participant (MIP) with a sighted guide.  After 2 Pandemic years during which there were no International gatherings, we are set to meet in Jan at SMR. As you can imagine the interest from the VIPs and MIPs is huge, in fact over 150 have applied.  As of this moment we have fewer guides than VIPs/MIPs which means that unfortunately not all of the applicants will be accepted for the event.

This is where you can help!  If you have an interest in becoming a guide, further information can be found at Ski for Light. Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to assist Visually and Mobility Impaired individuals.

Please send your comments or questions to Karen Ishibashi, SFL Guide Recruitment Co-ordinator:
[email protected] | 310.961.0610

More specific information about this year’s event and a Guide Application link are available on the SFL website: