Hopefully the recent storms inspired you to get out and access Grand County’s free Nordic trails. Last week, the trail to the High Lonesome Hut provided for some great cross-country skiing and an escape from the President’s Day crowds. The packed trails have received enough fresh snow the past week to keep you gliding right along. The 2.5 miles steady incline on the way to the hut will keep you working, and you will enjoy the rolling hills coming back to your car from the hut. The warm temperatures this weekend caused the snow to get heavy and sticky past noon. Start early and don’t forget to bring some ski wax to keep you gliding if you ski past noon. Be careful when you step off the trail where the snow is soft, as you might post-hole a couple feet down into the snowpack.

More snow is expected this next weekend, with 3” falling on Friday during the day in the Winter Park area. Temperatures will drop this next week and continue to drop into the weekend. Stay warm out there, enjoy Grand County’s free Nordic trails, and be safe!