Surface snow quality is surprisingly consistent in the Fraser Valley, considering the vast variability in temperature and wind that we’ve seen over the progression of the development of the current snowpack. Depths in the Winter Park environs are averaging closer to 36-40 inches, while the ski resort with its higher elevation is claiming a 56″ base. The busy MLK holiday weekend got many of the trails packed out, though evidence of the popularity of snowshoeing is seen in the development of snowshoe-width trails that meander more and don’t get packed as widely on uphills as trails packed solely by skiers. Fortunately, the snowpack is quite supportive, allowing for relatively easy travel beside the trail, or if intending to push the limits beyond the packed tracks of previous trail-users. While the dense snow supports skiers weight consistently across much of the landscape, small soft collapsing pockets are still to be found on northern aspects. While there is plenty of powder coating the meadows and glades, the over-riding adjective that comes to mind to describe it is heavy. Heavier, wider skis to match the snow will make forays off-trail more enjoyable, as they almost always do.

Happy Trails!