The Nordic season has begun for those skiers hungry to start sliding on snow this year, starkly contrasting last years late start, with some early season snows that are looking like they will stick around on the ground. Mid-October marked the first snowfall of enough consequence to slide around on. Best skiing was found in shaded areas after the initial snowfall, as warm temperatures prevailed between storms.

Several subsequent snowfalls have added sufficiently for less choosy trail selection. Best depths are found higher up in elevation with 12-18″ average, though thin spots can still be found under thickly branched trees. Rock skis are still recommended as any base from the mid-October storms is spotty. Venturing onto the mountain slopes is still a risky proposition as skiers will still encounter surprises under the thin veil of white. The first skier-triggered avalanches have already been reported elsewhere in Colorado.

Happy Trails!