The late winter weather has been rough on the snowpack with winds, warm moist air masses, and strengthening sunshine increasing the variability of snow conditions underfoot. Exposed area are showing the inevitable breakable crust that comes with strong sunshine and warm days followed by night-time temps getting at least a little below freezing. The powder that has blown in with this last warm storm is even heavier than what we’ve had through the end of January, skiing a bit like cream cheese. Higher elevations below tree-line seem to be keeping the powder in better, more consistent condition. Over-the snow travel, at least at lower elevations, is a bit hampered currently with drifts of heavy new snow on top of the old layers, which vary from wind-slab to sun-crust and collapsing pockets of temperature-gradient sugar. The next two days are promising even more warmth before the next probable chance of snow predicted for Saturday, Feb 11.