xc ski Tipperary trail by Jeff Russell ©

xc ski tracks at trailhead by Jeff Russell

Ullr has been kind to us here in the upper Fraser Valley, bringing a wave of storms with additional doses of light fluffy powder that is expected to continue for the remainder of the week. Wild fluctuations in temperature and strong winds early in the week have contributed to settling the snowpack, resulting in a base that is beginning to provide enough support to float a skier with moderate width of ski underfoot. 15-18″ average depth among the trees of the valley floor outside of Fraser becomes 18-24″ with a couple of hundred of feet of elevation. Even thin regions, often bare mid-winter due to exposure to sun and wind are currently bearing 8-10 inches. With continued new snowfall expected, anticipate trail breaking and narrower tracks until the Christmas Holiday crowds arrive to pack out popular trails. Bring your powder baskets if you’ve got ’em.