The XC skiing is off to a much improved start over last year. Last week’s storm, followed with moderate temperatures has left enough white on the ground for some extended kick and glide sessions. Daily temperature fluctuations have been making for crunchy morning and evening snow sandwiching around warm, soft midday conditions. Shaded areas, especially those tucked under the north side of east to west running ridges (think parts of St Louis and Deadhorse loops) have remarkably good snow quality. Getting to these areas may entail treading lightly or around some sun-exposed thin spots. “Rock” skis are still recommended as the snow pack is not deep. If you have a pair of old poles you might consider using those to spare your tips, as pole tips are still making it through to the ground. If groomed trails are requisite, Bruce’s Trail up on Rabbit Ears pass, (Yes Grand County extends way over there!) has been groomed, and has tracks for classic and room for skating.
Happy Trails!