Since I came to Grand County over 30 years ago, we have always had the earliest snow and kept our snow the longest.  Since I was looking for more snow that I had living in New England, I thought I had moved to heaven.   But then Grand County had a fabulous October in 1983 and I fractured a metatarsal playing soccer and had to keep my foot in a big ole leather hiking boot until after Christmas.  The old timers remember that ’83 was a record year when it snowed every day from the end of October until after Christmas and I couldn’t even Nordic ski until January!  I shoveled snow every day to keep in shape for the skiing to come.

Well, global warming has made a difference and we now have almost two months in the summer of frost free days instead of only 7 or 8.  But we still usually have the earliest Nordic skiing in the country.  And we can usually find snow to ski on until at least July.

This great white stuff is one of the reasons why many people move to Colorado, particularly Grand County.  We love the snow! We love the mountains! We love being outside!  And there are so many ways to Nordic ski in Grand County.  Grand Nordic has brought together these World Class Nordic areas, ranches offering groomed Nordic skiing, recreation districts and town recreation departments offering kids lessons, NSCD offering both adaptive and adaptive competitive programs, Colorado Biathlon training and competition, School teams in Middle School and High School, Competition programs for all ages, free skiing in the Center of town and free trails connecting towns for miles across the county or on golf courses.

Grand Nordic’s new marketing program touts   More K’s More Days and points people to the new website developed by Firebird Design Works  where all things Nordic in Grand County come together.   The site features logos of all participants, brief program information, major events, contact information and a link directly to their website. Maps show where everyone is located.  Articles explain information about back country touring and more.  The calendar shows how many events exist, particularly events that fill your weekend with racing, family fun or a trek into the high country.  It is literally a go-to spot to learn about all the Nordic opportunities in Grand County.  Look for our national ads in Cross Country Skier and Ski-Trax.  We want everyone to know Grand County has  More K’s of skiing available and More Days when you can ski.

Jeff Russell is one of those writing about our backcountry touring opportunities.  Read his posts in the BC XC Report for updates on cross country skiing in the backcountry.

Happy Trails and Merry Christmas!!!   from Jeff, Diana Lynn and the entire board of Grand Nordic.