We are set up for an excellent Nordic Holiday Ski Season. The late, but generous fall snows have left a solid blanket of snow over the Fraser and Colorado River valleys with depths ranging from teens to 30″ and more at higher elevations below tree-line. We are currently enjoying a respite from the waves of winter storms that have blessed us. The snow-preserving cold temperatures of this weekend have given way to blue skies and balmy temperatures that are sure to lure winter-sun loving adventurers away from the fireside. With the approach of the winter solstice, the frigid squeak of boot or ski on sub-zero-sharpened ice crystals is a recent memory, while we will likely pay the price for that sunny warmth with a bit of light surface sun-crust on south-facing aspects, at least at lower elevations. Who knows what the menopausal hot flashes Mother Earth has been having will bring next. The experts are expecting temps hovering in the low 30’s, with some flurries by Wed and/or Thursday evenings.

Clouds can protect the snow quality from the intense sun as well as an arctic cold front, depending on how soon they arrive after Ra awakens to shine on the day. The arrival of the holiday skiers will help get the trails packed out, so lighter gear will be more appropriate and allow you to go further, faster, depending on new snow and wind. Wider skis will still allow those who wish to get away from it all to go beyond the popular turnarounds for some winter solitude, as the warmer temps may help consolidate the snowpack into a denser, supportive surface.

Happy Trails and Merry Christmas!!!