The New Year has cometh and the 2017-2018 ski season continues to sputter along with a couple of anemic storms contributing to a slowly developing base. Temperatures threatening to break into the 50’s have left a soft crunchy crust on the surface of sun-exposed snowfields, though sparing dark hollows of such indignity. The whoomphing that was so prevalent after the last large storm in 2017 has quieted down as repeated warmings have resulted in some consolidation, and trap door conditions are not as severe. To be sure, there remain unstable layers deep within the snowpack. The valley floor continues to struggle to bury vegetation under a normal winter coat, and southerly exposed ridges in many cases remain dry. The best snow can be found with a little elevation, deeper in the forests. The up side of long periods without significant snowfall is the ability to travel further without the effort of breaking trail through deep snows. Powder Hounds can appease appetites for now with some decent Meadow skipping (travel through low-angle open areas) at higher elevations. but conditions above tree-line remain sub-optimal. We continue to look hopefully to the heavens for those lonely flakes to multiply long enough to provide some real snow we can sink our skis into. Happy Trails!